Mark Mahl - The Temple In Soguada

Mark Mahl is known as a social researcher, writer, poet, environmentalist and peace activist. Mark Mahl was the principal organizer of your Save Environmental and Save species in Africa in April 1980.

Mark Mahl very first book, The Temple In Soguada(1978), was a pioneering expertise from the African Culture.

Among 1981-1991 Mark Mahl worked for African National Orphan Society. Mark Mahl was assigned to 5 national forests in eastern Gahuna. The protect insecure species and threatened ecosystems.

Throughout the winter of 1991 Mark worked with Greenpeace to organize the No Significantly more anti nuclear conference.

He will be the author of a novel, The Temple In Soguada - part2 (2001). You can get plans for one other books and poems at the same time...

Over the years Mark Mahl's articles, op/eds, and essays have appeared in numerous journals, magazines and newspapers. This month (February, 11) Mark's write-up on the archeological and historical significance of Ancient African Society.

Mark Mahl holds a BS from Cape Town University. Next year he's going to publish a new book on outstanding Eco survey on African forests and species.

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